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Bournemouth Air Festival (2011)

For a good number of years now, August’s Air Festival has led to tourists flocking to my hometown of Bournemouth for the sky displays. This year was a slightly different experience for me though as, for the first time, I worked as a steward at the event. I have to say, I really enjoyed myself.

We were well looked after, and the guys I was working with were particularly good at nabbing us the best sandwiches! There’s something really rewarding about working a really long, exhausting day and really earning your sleep. I was in really good spirits the whole weekend actually. It was nice to work on such a full-on, outdoors event and, as I didn’t work on the Thursday, it was all absolutely beautiful weather. The weekend was pretty much Bournemouth at its best.

As part of the work, I went to a security seminar and was trained in the art of walkie-talkies. As much as I do know how to use one now, I can’t say I enjoy the experience much. Mostly because, at that event, you are generally using it to get hold of Kidzone or St John’s Ambulance, neither of which is a good thing! I encourage others to work on this event - it’s a great experience and well paid, but I warn you: you will probably go eight hours with nothing happening and then everything at once in the last hour as you’re winding down!

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