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I am currently a first year English student at Bournemouth University.

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3rd time’s a charm, right? 

Nope. This week’s Saturday morning run was the least enjoyable yet! This was hard to deal with on many levels, not the least of which was that I felt a little defeated. I think once you get beaten around a bit mentally by things, that’s when you’re really in trouble. I think I ran okay, and it wasn’t a slower time or anything, but the heavy wind made it very uncomfortable for me. I struggled to catch my breath for much of the second half of the run, and that certainly makes it less enjoyable.

I’m finding that the first mile is where I settle in, and I can talk to my mum while we run and I enjoy it a lot more. So, with that in mind, my goal is to experience that for the entirety of the run as I get used to the distance. This week’s topics of conversation were The Artist, my mother’s feelings about George Clooney and celebrity teeth. It works for us.

Anyway, I hope that if any of you guys have been using the new year as an excuse for a fresh approach to exercise that it’s going well!